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A smart data replication tool for ServiceNow


Many organizations have successfully made use of ServiceNow to automate their IT operations. Often times they rely on this cloud-based platform to deliver a variety of other integrated enterprise-wide solutions. The outstanding single system of record contains valuable, important or critical data. How to access the data if it is stored too far away, somewhere in the cloud? The standard ServiceNow ODBC driver has its natural, well-documented limitations and it does not always fit the reporting requirements. On top of that sending complicated aggregated queries into a production ServiceNow instance every time the report is being generated is posing unnecessary load on the instance.

Without a reliable and repeatable method to extract and maintain the ServiceNow data in a more traditional, relational database, it is impossible to leverage proven reporting solutions, analyze the data effectively by the business intelligence tools, or load the data into a data warehouse. Using the data exports or homegrown solutions leads to high development and maintenance costs and a risk of impacting end users.



SnowMirror is a smart data replication tool for ServiceNow. The data is loaded from a ServiceNow instance and stored into a relational database such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, installed in a local environment. This mirror database can be used for custom reporting, data warehouse loads, system integration, data backup and more. All applications that need the ServiceNow data for any purpose can access them in standard database ways (e.g. ODBC driver, JDBC, ETLs or plain SQL). The access to a local database is fast and the ServiceNow instance is no longer impacted.

By defining tables, selecting columns and even specifying a detailed filter query SnowMirror allows to synchronize only the data really needed. The data synchronization between ServiceNow and the mirror database is easy to schedule with a wide range of scheduling options. SnowMirror performs only incremental data downloads so the replication runs are fast and reliable. SnowMirror was designed and implemented as an agent deployed in the customer’s environment (i.e. customer’s network) accessing ServiceNow instance on one side and a database of choice on the other side. It is a similar agent as a MID server. Simple and user-friendly interface enables seamless configuration and operation.