Data Protection Declaration and Consent to Use Data at BusinessNow

Data protection is a matter of trust and your trust is important to us. In order for you to feel confident when you visit our web sites, we comply strictly with the statutory provisions regarding the processing of your personal information and would like to inform you about our collection and use of data. The subsequent Data Protection Declaration explains what information about you is collected on our webpages and which of these data we process in what ways and who you can contact in any event. affairs.

  1. Rights of the affected persons

The responsible company for collecting, processing and using your personal information according to Danish data protection legislation is BusinessNow.

BusinessNow can be contacted through the following contact information in case of your personal information:

– By mail to: BusinessNow P / S, Vandtårnsvej 62A, 2860 Søborg

– E-mail:

BusinessNow has a Data Protection Advisor.

Name: Bo Pyskow

Company: PysCon

CVR: 38671588

Address: Thorsvej 20, 4060 Kr. Såby


You may at any time receive free information about the information we have stored about you, as well as your right to rectification, barring or deletion of your information. In this case, you must contact BusinessNow via the above contact information.

If you, in whole or in part, and in accordance with these data protection rules will object to BusinessNow’s collection, processing or use of your information, you may also rectify your opposition by email or letter and through the above contact information.

Collection, processing and use of personal data

Sensitive information is information about personal or personal circumstances for a particular or identifiable natural person. This includes, for example, your name, your phone number, your address as well as all the data that you inform us when setting up you or your company as a customer.

2.1 Creation in CRM System

The following information is required for entering a customer account (mandatory information):

– Your e-mail address

– Your first name

– Your last name

– Your company

You must first enter your invoice and shipping address when we create a contract for a service. For the contract, we need the correct name, address and payment information for you. We need your email so we can confirm the receipt of your order and the shipping of this as well as in general so that we can communicate with you.

2.2 Collection, processing and use of your personal information

We collect, store and process your information for the complete completion of your contract, the technical administration, your own marketing purposes (more information about this in section 2.3) Your personal information is disclosed only to third parties as permitted by law, including settlement of agreements or settlements for marketing purposes or if you have agreed in advance.

2.3 Use of your information for advertising purposes such as events and news mails.

In addition to processing your information for completing your contract with BusinessNow, we also use your information for the following purposes: to communicate with you / your contract, as well as specific products or marketing campaigns; and to recommend products or services to you that could be of interest to you.

You may at any time, in whole or in part, object to the use of your information for advertising purposes without incurring any dissemination costs other than the cost of the base tariffs. A message in text form through the contact details mentioned in Item 1 (e.g. email or letter) is sufficient for this.

2.3.1 Newsletter

To send the newsletter, we use the email address you provided and require your confirmation that you, as the holder of the email address, agree with the receipt.

Should you no longer wish to receive newsletters from us at any time, you can terminate this at any time without incurring any mediation costs other than the costs according to the base tariffs. A message in text form through the contact details mentioned in Item 1 (eg email or letter) is sufficient for this. You will of course also find a link for unsubscribe in each newsletter.

  1. When you visit our Social Media


We and LinkedIn collect and process personal information when you visit the company’s LinkedIn pages. The purpose of the treatment is to market us to potential customers, maintain inquiries and similar related purposes.

The concrete LinkedIn pages managed by BusinessNow are:


We follow the Data Inspectorate’s current guidelines regarding shared data responsibility and aim to ensure that visitors to our LinkedIn page get information about personal data. As mentioned below in this policy, visitors to our LinkedIn pages also have the opportunity to exercise their rights, for example, the right of access, the right to object and the right to delete.

Legal basis for our processing of personal data

Processing of personal data is based on legitimate interest based on an interest balance. No information is required where consent is required.

Categories of personal information and their source

Typically, contact information is collected in the form of names. If we receive sensitive information / special categories of information, these will be deleted as soon as they come to our knowledge.

Recipients of personal data

The personal information provided will not be disclosed outside the company.

Retention of personal data

Since the personal information provided on the LinkedIn pages is provided by the person himself on our publicly available page, the information will basically be on the page as long as it exists. As information from the information, you can always object to the balance of interest, in order to delete any entries.

Automatic decisions and profiling

We assume that LinkedIn makes automated decisions and profiles on the part of the personal data for which LinkedIn is responsible for data. We do not use automatic decisions and profiling.

Note! If you do not want your information processed, please do not visit our LinkedIn pages, as it is currently not possible for us to change LinkedIn’s data retrieval settings.

  1. Cookies

Acceptance of cookies is not a prerequisite for a visit to our website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored on your hard drive and which store specific settings and information for exchange with our system through your browser. Basically, you distinguish between 2 different types of cookies, so-called session cookies, which are deleted as soon as you close your browser and temporary / permanent cookies that are stored for an extended period of time or unlimited on your hard drive. This storage helps us to design our webpages and our offers to you accordingly, and facilitate your use, as, for example, certain information from you will be saved so that you do not constantly repeat them.

What cookies does BusinessNow use?

Google Analytics

Hotjar – Used for web recordings, form analyzes, feedback polls, conversion funnles. All data is anonymous.


Google My Business.

UTM tracking on LinkedIN

Most of the cookies used by us are automatically deleted after the end of your browser session (hence the name of session cookies). Session cookies are required, for example, to offer you the multi-page Shopping Cart feature. In addition, we also use cookies that remain on your hard drive. For a further visit, it is automatically identified that you have already been with us and which readings and settings you prefer. These temporary or permanent cookies (lifetime from 1 month up to 10 years) are stored on your hard drive and deleted by themselves after the specified time.

What information is stored in cookies?

In the cookies used by BusinessNow, only pseudonym information is stored. When activating a cookie, this is assigned an identification number, and an assignment of your personally identifiable information to this identification number is not made. Your name, IP address, or similar data that could allow a direct assignment of this cookie to you will not be added to this cookie. Based on cookie technology, we only receive anonymous information, such as what pages are visited in our shop, what products are viewed, etc.

How can you prevent the storage of cookies?

In your browser, you can set cookies to be accepted only if you consent to them, thus preventing further insertion of cookies in the future. If you only want to accept BusinessNow cookies, but not cookies from our service providers and partners, you can select the ”Block third-party providers cookies” option in your browser.

As a rule, in the menu bar of your web browser, via the help function, you can see how to reject new cookies and disable cookies that have already been received.